SAAB ENTERPRISE S.A.R.L. is a construction chemicals company founded in Lebanon in 2013 as a modern dry ready mixed cement based mortar manufacturer for the building industry.

Being one of the leaders and producers of high quality construction chemicals, SAAB ENTERPRISE S.A.R.L. is determined to meet clients requirement by offering high quality and cost effective products.

Our advanced technology, run by automated processes and high-qualified expertise, ensures a continuous control over the production process and a consistency in the quality of the offered products.

  • 16 JAN 2018


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  • Provide the highest level of quality in construction chemical materials meeting
    customer's satisfaction
  • Maintain quality vs. price orientation
  • Practice in sustainable development
  • Provide superior customer service with continuous technical support
  • Participate in regional development
  • Meet and exceed our client’s expectations to foster long term partnerships
  • Encourage & support innovation and creativity meeting market needs
  • Value our staff and create an enjoyable work environment which allows personal
    fulfillment that leads to a loyal and productive work force.

Our quality control & quality assurance department, that complies with the American standards (ASTM) and European norms (EN) ensures our credibility what keep us ahead of the competition.